Aquarius fire rabbit compatibility

Aquarius Rabbit Wood Rabbits are quiet, conservative and creative. They also have an excellent work ethic and are good with personal finances. Wood Rabbits are well liked and enjoy a wide circle of friends. In the Chinese zodiac, a trine is a group of three animal signs that share similar characteristics. Since there are twelve animals, there are four trines. All three of these animals are largely ruled by beauty, compassion and intuition. The three signs joined within the same trine will all be compatible.


The Rat man and Rabbit woman share intellectual power and an appreciation for aesthetics, and they have an excellent chance to be great friends. In a romantic relationship, however, the Rat may see the Rabbit as somewhat aloof. She may be too sensitive for him, which he may interpret as weakness. A Rabbit man and Rabbit woman have a great chance of making a strong, enjoyable relationship. The Dragon man is blunt and opinionated, while the Rabbit woman is diplomatic and willing to consider the views of others.

There may be numerous arguments about finances, however, so this pair should make a mental note to be proactive on that front. The Horse man has a tendency to wander, which will make the Rabbit woman insecure. The Rabbit woman will find a great friend and partner in the Sheep man. They will love and support each other in practically all circumstances, and both are basically happy signs. The Monkey can be selfish and manipulative, finding the Rabbit woman an easy target.

Male Rabbits in Love

Personality characteristics of Aquarius born in Rabbit year Arising from the match-up between the Rabbit and the Aquarius, this native is both idealistic and imaginative, . Key Traits of the Fire Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign. The Sophisticated Aquarius Rabbit Personality Horoscope, Character Traits for of the Chinese Astrology for Aquarius born during the Rabbit Year: , , . Aquarius fire rabbit (female) is it compatible with Cancer wood ox (male)?.

If they manage to overcome their odds, however, they may make for an interesting couple. The demeanor of the Rooster man may be much too biting and sarcastic for the tastes of the Rabbit woman, and his constant criticism will be hurtful. Meeting somewhere in the middle will be key to this pair finding happiness. The Rabbit woman will find fidelity and kindness in the Dog man, and this couple will find common ground in their compassion for those less fortunate. This is a warm, loving match. Love may be in the air when The Rabbit crosses path with a Pig man.

The information provided above is a broad, general guideline. Also they are likely to have a fulfilling sex life where the ardor and passion of the Horse will be nicely balanced by the soothing and patient temper of the Rabbit. All they need to do is to adjust a little on the personality front and the two are set for a long haul. Finally both the Rabbit and Horse are likely to have similar expectations in a relationship; this is because unlike the Goat or Pig, neither is particularly emotionally dependent upon a partner.

The Horse needs to have ample personal freedom in a relationship and could feel trapped in a situation where the partner is emotionally demanding. Thus neither is likely to have high expectations of emotional intimacy from one another and on most occasions would allow enough breathing space to a partner. Challenges of a Rabbit-Horse love match Differing psychological compulsions usually make up the primary site of conflict in a Rabbit-Horse pair.

The Horse thrives when surrounded by action and loves to be on the go but the Rabbit on the other hand is attracted towards whatever makes life pleasant and lovely. Thus while the Horse can be found crackling with energy and drive, it can also at times erupt in flared tempers. The Rabbit on the other hand likes life to be calm and harmonious and may be keenly upset by a tempestuous partner.

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The Rabbit and the Pig are very don't have much in common and they have different goals in life, but they know how to work together in spite of these differences. That is why they make an extraordinary couple, where both have the generosity and insight needed to reach an agreement where all of their strengths outweigh their weaknesses when they are together. These two will merge into a cultured, intellectual and reserved couple satisfying each other's whims and interests due to their deep understanding of one another. All about Capricorn.

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Chinese Zodiac. Here are the most common traits of those born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit Cat. Those born in the year of the rabbit have a highly refined personality. Metal, water, wood, fire, and earth are all different versions of the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign. Find out the compatibility of those born in the year of the Rabbit.