Daily horoscope for january 28

Your Daily Horoscope for Monday, January 28
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Venus enters Sagittarius

Pluto, planet of the unexpected, focuses on winning prizes and opens your mind and heart to all is best in relationships. The focus is on finances and you have the willpower to keep to a budget and succeed at the same time. Luck of the kind the whole family can enjoy is linked to television programme you all like to watch together.

The moon shines its light on the personality zone of your chart and there is something new and intriguing about you. Ganesha says that you will be more careful about your outward appearance and will try to enhance it further. Towards the evening you may impress people around you when you attend a social function. Those of you who are single can put forth a marriage proposal to their beloved today and it will be accepted.

Those of you who are married may have a joyous and happy married life.

Sun enters Scorpio

You will be recognised for your devotion to work and determination to succeed at your workplace. This is a feel-good time if we allow ourselves to relax and tune into the subtle aspects of life — art, nature, beauty, dreams, and spiritual realms. Trust me, I'm right there with you. Much awaited promotions may come and financial arrears may also reach your hands. Make sure to say what you mean, and mean what you say today. Explore your feelings now, but not to the point that you feel overwhelmed. Being tractable will help iron out the creases in relationships with closed ones.

Try adding an entirely new dimension to the way you approach relationships today, advises Ganesha. Being tractable will help iron out the creases in relationships with closed ones. But be wary of complete subjugation, warns Ganesha. Confidence-building measures will need to be taken up.

Love and Compatibility for January 28 Zodiac

Be the herald, and usher in new vigour and confidence in people around you. Your business is set to sky-rocket and a fair share of profits are in the offing, says Ganesha. You love your family and you will try your best to live up to the expectations of your family members. If you are student, you will finish up your existing projects and get on with some fresh assignments, foretells Ganesha.

January 28th Birthday Horoscope

Don't block your imagination; give yourself some freedom so that you can test your creativity and talent. You don't let yourself fly too high otherwise you may lose the track of reality. If you're stuck indoors today, make the most of it. There's always carrom, checkers, chess and partying!

Daily horoscope on January 28: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Shake yourself a bit, and you'll come up with creative ways to spend a leisurely day. You'll find that either way, life is wonderful, says Ganesha. A day filled with socialising awaits you, says Ganesha.

Community Calendar

If you are serious about not just changing but transforming your life then now is the time to start doing those things that can make it happen. The moon in water sign Scorpio connects with Saturn at AM, encouraging us to take a mature approach. Reach out to someone who's.

You will likely make contact with near and dear ones you haven't met in a while. New associations and friendships could also occur.

see When you find a worthwhile interest, the "breeze" of curiosity pushes you to discover knowledge and gain understanding. Embrace the positive qualities of air, as they will play a key role in your future successes. Being the planet of deviation, the powers of Uranus are linked to your sense of freedom and objectivity. More so than any of the other Aquarius Decans, you value objectivity and originality over all else. You have the special ability to detach yourself from situations in order to view the facts without prejudice. These qualities make you a natural humanitarian, but they may also make you feel different from the rest of the world.