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Which tarot card rules your zodiac sign?

Deepen current partnerships. Love rules all decisions today. The realm is safe in your capable hands.

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Make your wish! The gods of fortune are smiling on you. A day to kick back and chill brings healing. You may be known for extremes but today balance is needed.

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Know Your Tarot Cards According To Your Zodiac Sign

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If these mini tarot readings stoked your fire, you might want a personalized tarot reading with me. Head over here to book your session. I respect your email privacy. Sign up for my newsletter and get free bi-monthly content on tarot, astrology, and more. Facebook Twitter pinterest linkedin instagram. Blessings, Theresa Got a business? Looking for something? Search for:. Most Popular Posts What are significators in a tarot reading? The Hermit is your card, Virgo.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) The Hierophant & The King of Pentacles

It is the card of solitude and shows your sensitivity towards the deceits of the outer world. The card advises you to take the time for yourself and think over self-introspection. It asks you to explore yourself deeply and look over the real purpose of life to gain success and happiness. This is also an indication that you must open up yourself and share your knowledge with others.

Card Combinations

You Libra can only be represented best with the Tarot card of Justice. The card in the tarot card reading is the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony.

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We have stated our desire to the heavens Everything that was bothering you in the past will fade and transform into a brand new beginning. Aquarius — The Star Connecticut Ghost Hunter This card signifies that Aquarius people are just like stars — millions of light years away from humans. Leo, look into your future with the help of a Tarot expert! Read your Taurus horoscope

As a tarot card for your zodiac sign, it asks you to weigh your needs with worldly desires so that you may fairly balance your life at every aspect. Justice in tarot card readings is also an advice that you must not always seek perfection but try to accept your flaws and create harmony. Scorpio, your Tarot Card is Death. Unlike its literal meaning, the card in tarot card reading is the sign of change and transformation to new.

It tells you to leave the past and transform yourself into a new and healthy you.

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Discover the meaning of The Tower Tarot card and how it relates to you. The Chariot also could signify a Cancer in your life, or a Cancer about to make an. Cancer and The Chariot You stand proud and strong as you guide The Chariot on your card, steering a Virgo's Tarot Card: The Hermit.

The cards know you Scorpio and reflect your true nature to leave the old layers. It talks about your ability to detach yourself from the endings which you need to realize for peace and solace in life. Sagittarius, you are impatient and that is why you have got the Tarot of temperance for your zodiac sign. The card in tarot card readings is an indication of patience in every work. It is a suggestion that you need to hold your horses and gather the information for making a correct judgment. The Temperance card reminds you to be focused and disciplined so that you may get through the middle of difficulties and achieve your goals.

The Devil tarot card is your personal tarot, Capricorn. The Devil is the card of obsession and addiction.

Virgo September Tarot Reading September

It is the sign of negativity that is afflicting you from inside and making you weak and unconfident. The Devil tarot ask you to face your shadow and remove all the negative thoughts, toxic beliefs that are making you expect the worst.

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Forgive yourself for past and bring out your strengths so that you may live your dreams. You are the Star, Aquarius. The Star tarot card as your zodiac sign makes you the owner of the fortune and person with great stability. You are destined with amazing intuitive power and has been made the charge of the intellectual mind.

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The card in the tarot card reading is the reminder to not ignore your emotions and embrace the inner feelings. The card is a sign that you are born to be unique which keeps you aloof from the outer world. The Moon is your tarot card for zodiac sign, Pisces. In tarot card readings, the Moon is the card of emotions and intuitive mind, thus reflects your strong connection with inner feelings. The card describes you as a sensitive person and asks you to listen to your inner voice. Finally, you know what tarot card means and how tarot cards are connected to your astrology signs.

So, embrace your readings and work on it every day. No dream is impossible if you know how to read tarot cards and use astrology predictions for creating a bright future. Looking for something? Sagittarius Tarot- Temperance Sagittarius, you are impatient and that is why you have got the Tarot of temperance for your zodiac sign.

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